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India Maldives Relations

Some important information about India Maldives Relations is :- Why in news? Recently the President of the Maldives declared a state of emergency. India-Maldives relations India established formal diplomatic relations with Maldives after the independence of Maldives fro... Read more





Our Universe

Our Universe

Origin The big bang theory explains the origin of our universe. According to this theory, 15 billion years ago, cosmic matter was in a compressed state from which expansion started by a primordial explosion. The super-dense ball broke to form galaxies, which again broke... Read more


The Nineteenth Century (1815-1914)

The world changed profoundly in the nineteenth century. Economic, political, social, cultral and technological factors interacted in complex ways to transform societies and reshape external relations. Economists identify three types of movement or ‘flows’ within interna... Read more

Art & Culture

FORMS OF TRADITIONAL THEATRE Bhand Pather-  theatre form of Kashmir  unique combination of dance, music and acting,  Satire, wit and parody are preferred for inducing laughter. Music is provided with surnai, nagaara and dhol. Swang-  was mainly music-based, two importan... Read more

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