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RAS Pre exam Syllabus:
RAS Preliminary Exam Syllabus covers topics from both Rajasthan as well as India. The below mentioned syllabus is of RAS 2016, which is in all probability going to be RAS Pre Exam syllabus  2017 as well.

A.RAS Pre Exam syllabus from HISTORY

A.1. History from Rajasthan

  • JPM Encyclopedia of Rajasthan History and Culture (Rajasthan itihas and Sanskriti ) by Dr. Hukam Chand Jain and Narayan Mali – Hindi Medium
  • Panorma Volume 2nd Rajasthan History,Art and Culture (Rajasthan ka itihas,kala,sanskriti) by H.D Singh and Chitra Rao Revised Edition for RAS Pre – Hindi Medium
  • PCP Rajasthan History,Art and Culture (Rajasthan Ki kala,Sanskriti,Sahitya) By Pradeep Kumar Chaher 1st 2015 Edition – Hindi Medium
  • Sikhwal Rajasthan Art,Culture (Rajasthan ki Kala and Sanskriti Sachitra) By N.M Sharma – Hindi Medium
  • Forts and Places of Rajasthan History,art and architecture by Sanjeev kumar Bhasin – English Medium

A.2. History from India:

  • a. Ancient Indian History:
  • b. Medieval History:
  • c. Modern India History:
    • Modern History (Bipin Chandra): Download FREE PDF  (English Medium) or
    • or Summary Book by Spectrum:  A Brief History of Modern India (See Amazon)

Books on Art & Culture of India:

  • India Culture: Indian Art & Culture: Nitin Singhania (See Amazon: English || Hindi )


B.RAS Pre Exam syllabus from GEOGRAPHY:

B.1 Rajasthan Geography:

  • Geography of Rajasthan by DR. L.R. BHALLA  – English Medium (See Amazon)
  • Maps of Rajasthan by Mumal – Rajasthan Manchitrvali (Hindi Medium but equally useful See Amazon)

B.2 & B.3 Geography of India & World:

Environment: Shankar IAS Book (See Amazon)

C.  RAS Pre Exam syllabus from POLITY

C.1. Polity topics from Rajasthan

C.2. Polity topics from India:

  • Book: Laxmikant- Fifth Edition (See Amazon  English || Hindi )
  • New Bills & Acts: PRS Legislature (Link)

D.RAS Preliminary Exam syllabus from ECONOMY:

D.1 Economy topics from Rajasthan:

  • Laxminarayan Nathuramka – (English Medium)

D.2. Economic topics from India:

  • Read NCERT’s Before anything else
    • Ramesh Singh (2017-Ninth Edition) (See Amazon)

E. RAS Pre Exam syllabus from SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

F. RAS Pre Exam syllabus from REASONING ABILITY

  • M. K. Pandey – (See Amazon) or
  • R. S. Aggarwal – (See Amazon)

G. RAS Pre Exam syllabus from CURRENT AFFAIRS

  • Current Affairs Rajasthan:
    • Moomal/Mumal 2017-18 – ( Hindi medium)
    • Lakshya 2017-18 – Hindi Medium
    • Rajasthan Patrika – ePaper
    • Times of India – Jaipur
  • Current Affairs India:
    • The Hindu
    • Year Book 2017 (Amazon)

4. India Year Book 2017: Amazon

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